Expert recommends that child should have their first dental visit at the age of 1
It is in their best interest to develop a healthy relationship with the experienced child dentist at Rosanna Family Dental so they continue to enjoy good oral health throughout their life.
Luckily, there are many ways you can help prepare your child and foster good feelings toward the dentist.

Begin Early

To put it in simple words earlier is better. when the kids start early they feel more comfortable in the environment of the dental clinic and are prepared for the new experiences
By the age of one, the kids start developing their teeth and will be at the perfect age to visit the Rosanna family dentist and rely on them.
At this age, they will be introduced to the dental office, the people who work there and the equipment involved.

Make It Fun

Kids will view a trip to the dentist as a welcome prospect where they will get to see familiar faces.
To help them feel more comfortable in the office it is recommended you arrive slightly early to the appointment so they can adjust to the new surroundings.
Bringing along a favourite stuffed animal is also recommended as it will give them something to squeeze if they become uncomfortable or scared.

Read and Play

There are many books you can read with your child about their first trip to the dentist. They will see their favourite characters visiting the dentist and be eager to visit their dentist too.
Counting teeth is an easy game for small children. You can count their teeth and then they can count yours.
You can also use toothbrushes, rinsing cups and a flashlight to get them used to someone looking in their mouths.

Set an Example

Brush and floss your teeth with your children every day and talk about less sugar intake and the effect of snacking on dental health. Starting early will build a strong and lasting relationship with our experienced dentist at Rosanna Family Dental.