Maintaining oral health among kids is vital to prevent dental issues. Parents must focus on developing the right brushing habits and maintaining oral hygiene so that kids can avoid painful dental problems and keep their teeth healthy. The parents, along with their dentists, can play a crucial role in educating the children about healthy eating habits and techniques for taking proper care of their teeth. The good habits that kids learn at this early stage continue to their adulthood.

When is the right time to take your child to a dentist?

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is important and it should happen as early as possible. For the best dental care, make sure you choose the right dentist for your kid. Also, talk to your child about the importance of visiting a dentist and taking care of dental health. Often kids develop a phobia about visiting a dentist and this may be due to the personal experiences that you share with your child. Make sure you tell all positive things about visiting the dentist so that your kid is not afraid. You can teach your children how to brush and floss their teeth to improve their dental health.

How to brush your child’s teeth?

During early years, the kids are not capable of taking care of their teeth on their own, so it is essential that you, being a parent, help them keep their teeth clean. Here are some tips to help you clean your child’s teeth.

  • Start cleaning the gums of your infant using a damp cloth. You can also use an infant toothbrush, but avoid using toothpaste.
  • Introduce a toothbrush that has soft bristles once your child is a year old and clean the teeth of your child using plain water.
  • You can start using quality, fluoridated kid’s toothpaste once your child is 18 months; however, use pea-sized toothpaste, as more amount of fluoride can be harmful to the teeth.
  • Make sure your child spits out the toothpaste and rinses his mouth thoroughly. Once your child has two teeth that touch each other, it is time to introduce dental floss.
  • You can get flossing picks that are especially available for kids.
  • Make sure you brush your child’s teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals.
  • Notice any plaque or swelling around the gums, as it indicates that you are not cleaning your child’s teeth properly.
  • Teach the right dental care techniques you must brush your child’s teeth until he can do it on his own.
  • Once your child is 6 years old or more, let him clean his teeth on his own; however, make sure you supervise him while he brushes his teeth. Make sure your child cleans all the teeth thoroughly using soft, gentle strokes. He must clean the surfaces equally, as sometimes, the back teeth are not clean and start decaying. Teach him to hold the brush at 45 degrees toward the gums and clean the back teeth properly often children hurry and they do not clean the teeth properly, so make sure you teach your child to take time and brush for at least 4-5 minutes. Teach him to clean the tongue to keep the mouth fresh and free of germs.
  • Make sure you replace your child’s toothbrush every 3-4 months or if the bristles are worn out. Make brushing fun for your childYou can always teach your child how to brush his teeth using some interesting methods by showing educational videos. If possible, brush together, as it will help you explain the importance of proper cleaning and teach the children the right brushing techniques. Buy your child’s favourite toothbrush, as the brushes are available in a variety of colours and cartoon characters. You can also buy toothpaste in a variety of flavours.

Besides teaching about good brushing habits and techniques, it is also crucial to teach your child about consuming a healthy diet. The kids must avoid foods with high sugar content and sodas. If your child plays any sport, encourage him to use a tooth guard. Remember to take your child for a regular dental check-up to maintain good oral health.

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Here is a Video that tells you about how to keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy: