One visit crown procedure is faster, efficient and more cost-effective than tradition crown. It enables the dentist to create anatomically correct and full coverage restoration in one appointment. With OVC you can make your broken tooth strong and natural-looking again.

Why the One Visit Crown is right for you?

  • It is an affordable and fast procedure to restore your broken tooth.
  • It restores your teeth with natural-looking, tooth coloured dental crowns in a single appointment.
  • You do not have metal in your mouth
  • It requires less drilling and reduction of your tooth.
  • It saves more of your natural tooth.

Good news! It is 60% cheaper than traditional crown

At Rosanna Family Dental Clinic, we offer One Visit Dental Crown service, at a price more affordable than any other dental clinics. You don’t need to book multiple appointments and schedule multiple visits to get your tooth fixed. The OVC procedure is faster and more efficient than a traditional crown, making it a more affordable dental crown solution for everybody.

The OVC procedure followed by our dentist Dr Sapandeep Pannu at Rosanna Family Dental clinic:

  • Dr Sapandeep Pannu first determines the correct crown size.
  • After that Dr Sapandeep will manually press the crown into the right position and align crown with the adjacent teeth
  • The patient is asked to bite down to recheck the OVC position and the height of the biting surface
  • In the next step, she will remove excess composite at the margins
  • At the end of the procedure, Dr Sapan will clean the surface of your tooth and bond the OVC using resin cement.

If you are looking for affordable One-Visit dental Crown service, then contact Rosanna Family Dental and speak to our expert dentist Dr Sapandeep Pannu. You can again smile with confidence at an affordable price.
Do not wait for weeks and months to replace your broken teeth.
Book your consult now to get a beautiful smile and strong teeth again. We are open on the weekends and accept insurance. You can call us at (03) 94591194.