We have some good news at Rosanna Family dental -more affordable crown technology 

One Visit crown is the more affordable crown solution for the teeth you been putting off for a while to restore considering the cost of treatments. 
One visit crown is more affordable and single visit crown with no lab fees, no much tooth preparation. 

What is One visit crown? 
One visit crown is preformed shells of the crown which comes in different sizes and are made custom fit by some variation done by our dentist and the shell adheres onto the weakened tooth structure by a zirconia filled resin. 
The crowns are polished and adjusted to bite if required. This all is done in ONE visit 

At our dental practice in Rosanna Family Dental, we give your teeth the best chance of a lasting lifetime by getting your weakened tooth crowned. If left untreated weakened teeth at ticking time bombs that have a much greater risk of a toothache, expensive root canal treatments or even extractions if cracks or splits. One visit crown is also recommended for Root canal treated teeth

We like to keep abreast to the latest technology at Rosanna Family Dental and we are excited to now offering Rhodium one visit crown – revolutionary new crown treatment that can be completed in one visit at an affordable price