Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implants are a new alternative in tooth replacement. The term “Restoration” is used to refer to a false tooth. This false tooth is attached to the implant so that it looks and behaves like a natural tooth. There are now a wide variety of dental implant placement procedures that vary in duration and materials.

The implant procedure consists of two stages:

  • First specialized dentist places the bio compatible material implant in your jawbone.


  • Then it is followed by placement of a tooth replacement (crown) at our Rosanna family dental clinic.

At Rosanna Family Dental Clinic our experienced dentist Dr Sapan Pannu uses state of the art dental equipment and conduct your dental implant restoration treatment. She is expert in placing tooth replacement crown and takes great care during the procedure. During your first consultation we conduct a thorough assessment of your oral health to ensure that you are right candidate for implant restoration.

Are you Considering Implant Restoration Treatment?

Are you suffering from tooth loss? if you are considering dental implant restoration treatment to regain the function and aesthetic smile then book your consultation at our Rosanna Family Dental clinic.

Before we implement dental implant surgery, we make sure that you:

  • have good general and dental health.
  • have strong jawbone material for dental implant surgery.
  • have disease free gum.

Are you the right candidate?

If you are suitable candidate for dental implant restoration surgery then our expert dentist Dr Sapan Pannu discusses all aspects of the treatment with you including cost, potential risk and any queries you may have. We make sure that you are fully informed about the process before making final decision of proceeding with the surgery. To achieve best results possible, we always go above and beyond in all stages of treatment – before, during and after.

Rosanna Family Dental clinic is trusted by patients in Rosanna, Heidelberg, Greensborough, Bundoora, Watsonia and Mcleod.

Free Consultation For Implants

Prices start from $3,999 from start to finish including crown

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