Dental Emergencies

Rosanna Family Dental provides emergency dental health care services at affordable prices. Our emergency dentists are skilled at handling all dental emergencies.

Which Services Are Helpful in Times of Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergency services are meant for any type of dental problems which need immediate treatment for relief. Problems like toothache, orthodontic discomfort, and structural teeth damage. These problems might worsen in absence of prompt treatment. Fortunately, our emergency dentists in Rosanna can deliver prompt emergency dental services to patients at the moment of dental emergencies.

Here is the list of common dental problems which need assistance of emergency dentist-

  • Extreme tooth pain and dental pressure due to dental injuries or decay
  • Tooth extractions
  • Treatment for dental infection
  • Swelling in gums
  • Painful wisdom tooth
  • Missing or loosing dental crowns or fillings
  • Orthodontic pain
  • Cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth
  • Dental trauma or accidents resulting in tooth loss

Our experienced dentist accesses the condition of your mouth and provide the required treatment on the same day to lessen the pain. Teeth can often be saved if immediate action is taken.

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At Rosanna Dental, we offer expert emergency dental care services to help our patients deal with pain and discomfort in times of dental emergencies. To know more about us, connect with us now!

What should I do in dental emergency?

When dental emergency occurs, it is very painful and stressful. We need to be fast and quick to take action for dental emergency. Please call Rosanna Family Dental at (03)94591194 to get same day appointment and deal with dental emergencies at affordable price.

The Australian dental association has great advice for measures to take in certain dental emergencies.


Toothache is the sign that you need to see your local dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can clean the cavity by rinsing and flossing. If swelling is present cold pack from outside are advisable and take painkillers over the counters, use the pain medication you know you are safe with. Do not Place any medication on the tooth especially Aspirin as it can lead to burns.

Knocked out Tooth

If dirty rinse tooth in milk holding the crown (not the roots). If milk not available clean it with plain water and re-implant in socket if possible. If cannot put the tooth in socket then wrap it in glad wrap or place it in milk or patients’ mouth inside the cheek. Go to the nearest dentist in 30 minutes. Time is really critical in re-implantation

Broken braces or wire

If wire is cutting the cheeks place cotton ball or if wire embedded in cheek let the dentist do it. Do not attempt to take it out. If bracket is de-bonded or came off SEE YOUR ORTHODONTIST

Broken Tooth /Dental Accident

Try to clean the debris from the injured areas with warm water. Do cold compress from outside next to broken tooth which will minimize swelling. Try to find all bits which are missing bring them to the dentist, keep them moist, some of pieces can be bonded back on. Go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Bitten tongue or lip

Apply direct pressure to bleeding area with clean cloth will help with bleeding to stop immediately. Cold compresses help with bleeding to stop and minimize swelling. If bleeding does not stop, cut is severe and deep then see your nearest dentist or hospital

Objects wedged between teeth

Try to floss to get the objects out if you could not do it then see your local dentist immediately.

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