Frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure for removing one or both frenum from the patient’s mouth.  This surgery is carried out as a solution for resolving problems which arise due to an elongated frenulum in a kid’s mouth. Firstly, an experienced dentist will test the condition of a patient’s frenum to determine whether the surgery is necessary. This treatment is prescribed only after ensuring that the existing frenum may lead to hindrance in activities like breastfeeding in infants and hindered speech in toddlers. The entire procedure takes upto10 to 15 minutes. Also, the patient takes up to two weeks for recovery. Also, proper aftercare can lessen discomfort in patients and bring the best results.

So, if you are a parent or guardian whose kid is going through the condition of an elongated frenum, then connect with us and get a Frenectomy in Melbourne from a reliable and expert dentist. So, connect with us and schedule an appointment with us now!

Frenectomy & Laser Tongue Ties

Frenectomy Services & Procedure at Rosanna Family Dental Clinic
A Frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure to remove the frenum tissues or tongue, lip and buccal ties. If frenum is too large or deep, then it can sometimes restrict normal function of the body part to which it is attached.
This procedure can be performed on people of all ages but usually it performed on infants.

Why Frenectomy is Recommended?

• To fix feeding difficulties for infants and toddlers
• To treat crooked teeth/jaws and speech problem for children
• To prevent the gum recession where the frenum is too high on the gums.
• To treat headache and neck tension for adults


At Rosanna Family dental clinic, our experienced dentist Dr Sapandeep performs a thorough visual examination as well complete investigation of functional challenges and symptoms. This examination of mouth is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.

Frenectomy Procedure:

Dr Sapandeep uses laser. This can be used for patients of any age and takes few minutes to perform the procedure. Not all the patients require local anaesthetic, but if you have dental anxiety then we can provide topical aesthetic cream, or a local anaesthetic injection can be given. You can experience burning smell and needles sensation during the procedure.
With laser surgery you do not need anaesthesia or stitching in most situations. It generally takes 10 days to heal from a frenectomy procedure and you should not require any antibiotic after laser frenectomy procedure.

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