At Rosanna Family Dental Clinic

We offer exceptional gentle and preventative dental care for your whole family including kids. Our expert dentist at dental clinic offers state of the art dental treatment in gentle and nurturing environment and provide healthy smile for life. With our wide range of general and emergency dental services you and your kids can enjoy optimal dental health for long.

Dental Check-up

Regular dental check-up is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It helps in detecting oral condition of mouth at initial stage so that you can cure dental problems at early age and avoid costly restorative dental procedure in future. Our general dentist at clinic provides education and relevant information on how you can maintain oral dental health and avoid tooth loss.

Root Canal Therapy

At Rosanna Family Dental Clinic, we initially examine the dental condition of your mouth and if there is severe damage to the nerve of the tooth due to infection or trauma then we recommends root canal dental treatment. If patient delays the root canal procedure then it may result in tooth loss. If root canal therapy is implemented on time then it saves your teeth and prevent the losing function.

Gum Treatments

Bad breath, swollen, tender or bleeding gums are some of symptoms of gingivitis. Preventing gum diseases could also benefit a healthy heart.

Tooth Coloured Filling

Dental restoration is used to restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost. All fillings are tooth coloured, carefully selected to match the original shade and shape of the tooth. Australian Standards filling materials and bonding agents used.

Sleep/Snoring Appliances

Specially made dental appliances, which advance the lower jaw slightly and thereby pull the tongue forward, are a common mode of treatment for snoring. Such appliances have been proven to be effective in reducing snoring.

Mouth Guards

A mouthguard is a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth and gums. A mouthguard is most often used to prevent injury in contact sports or as part of certain dental procedures.

TMJ Splints/Aqualisers

TMJ Disorder is a dysfunction of the jaw muscles and joints. See the experienced dentist at Rosanna Family Dental for an expert advice.

  • sore jaws,
  • toothaches,
  • sinus problems,
  • neck and back pain,
  • ear aches / ringing ears,
  • headaches / migraines,
  • the teeth of both jaws do not feel like they are biting properly,
  • pain when chewing or yawning,
  • limited opening of the jaws,
  • pain on opening or closing of the jaw,
  • facial tension, clicking jaw (disc rubs on the bone),
  • locked jaw.

Adequate diagnosis of TMJ is done, splint therapy and muscle exercises at  affordable prices advised if required specialist referral is given.

Free Consultation For Implants

Prices start from $3,999 from start to finish including crown

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