One Visit Crown (OVC) – The most advanced crown technology!

A revolutionary new crown treatment

Rosanna Family Dental offers you a One Visit Crown, the most efficient, innovative and revolutionary procedure for your quick and convenient smile. Our expert dentist Dr Sapan Pannu effortlessly creates anatomically correct, full-coverage restoration in one appointment.

It is a cost-effective solution to restore has an excessively worn out tooth in just one visit! This procedure differs from traditional crown restoration treatments. It does not require moulds to be sent to a dental lab. so, your treatment will be completed in one single visit.

Why choose Rosanna Family Dental for OVC?

Rosanna Family Dental has a professional dentist like Dr Sapan Pannu that can ensure a safe and smooth One Visit Crown (OVC) treatment for everyone. Under the leadership of our expert dentist, we create a comfortable environment at our clinic that can put your minds at ease during crown restoration treatment near Viewbank. Our staff is always courteous towards everyone and trained to help you and the dentist with various things.

The affordable dental crown treatment performed at Rosanna Family Dental near Viewbank is widely approved and performed after taking the necessary precautions, measures and tests. As every patient might have a different pain threshold, we ensure that the dental crown treatments performed at our clinic are designed to be safe and suitable for all.

OVC is one of the most affordable dental crowns treatment that can save time while ensuring the good health of your teeth. With 10 years of experience in providing dental care, Rosanna Family Dental is highly capable of providing a safe One Visit Crown treatment for all our patients. At Rosanna Family Dental, our staff not only helps the dentist with the treatment but also makes sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the dental crown treatment.

Dr. Sapan Pannu has many years of experience in providing successful dental crowns treatment for numerous individuals and at Rosanna Family Dental near Viewbank, we make those treatments more comfortable and affordable for you. We also take into account the requirements made by you regarding your dental crown treatment. It is our experience that many people expect specific results out of their One Visit Crown treatment and thus, we do our best to make that happen.

If you are looking for a reliable dental crown treatment near Viewbank, then we want to make sure that cost is not a barrier for you. Rosanna Family Dental offers this procedure at affordable fees, helping you to save on money as well as time to look for a reliable dentist in Rosanna.

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Prices start from $3,999 from start to finish including crown

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